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Fender Performance Testing:


2000T Fender Compressive Testing Apparatus:

This fender compressive testing apparatus is mainly used in normal and sampling testing. It is equipped with pressure & displacement transducers on the apparatus. The pressure and displacement signal are sent to a computer during the compressive testing so the performance curve can be gained simultaneously. This apparatus is calibrated by the inspection organization of state chemical ministry every year. It is one of the best fender compressive testing apparatus in the world. A sample of the manufactured fenders, will be tested to prove its rated performance. If required by the customer, we can submit the performance certificate witnessed and signed by a third party inspector such as Lloyds, SGS, or ABS prior to shipping.


Fender Performance Testing

The fender performance is determined by the absorbed energy and maximum reaction force in the procedure when the fender is compressed to the rated deflection. In the performance testing procedure, the rubber fender is under direct force vertical to the fender surface, the compression speed shall be 2-8cm/min. This process is repeated three times. Unless, otherwise specified, the deflection and the reaction force shall be recorded with a tolerance of +/-1mm and +/-1KN. The Energy absorption(KN*m) is determined from the reaction force and rated deflection curve. The performance value of the fender shall be the mean value of the 2nd and 3rd testing result. In the testing results, it is preferred that the energy absorption value shall be greater than the required energy absorption value with 10% deducted. The reaction force value shall be lower than the required force value with 10% added. The in-house temperature is always recorded in the testing.

Service Guarantees:

Design and suggest the correct fenders for the customer

Issue drawings of fendering system and calculation book

Supply the assembled fendering system

Test the mechanical property

Provide site installation and technical guidance

Supply the accessories and the damageable

Design as per customer's special requests

Emergent supply of replacing products damaged incidentally

We can provide a long term warranty, to meet the customer's needs.

Cope with customer's complaints within 24 hours or visit the site within 24 hours

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