Arch Fenders

Arch Fenders have been consistently popular for many years. Their rugged construction, simplicity and versatility suit them to a wide variety of berths and wharves where they will give many years of trouble free service under even the most adverse of conditions.

Arch Fender is particularly useful for vessels with high allowable hull pressures and for locations where mounting space is limited. A variety of sizes and lengths are offered. Additionally arch fenders can be supplied with bolted or bonded UHMW facings.

DOLPHIN MARINE manufactures two types Arch Fenders, Type A and TypeB .



Type A:

The regular Arch Fender has a rubber contact face ideal for all general purpose applications. The higher friction of the rubber surface can be used to good effect to dampen the movements between vessel and wharf in sea swells and similar conditions.

Type B:

The improved Arch Fender is perfect for where friction must be low or when a facing panel is required, it is ideal with its encapsulated steel head plate with integral bolting points. It has two fixing arrangements to suit either UHMW-PE low friction face pads or for attaching to a steel fender panel or pile. A major benefit of the design is strength under static and dynamic shear loads – this allows large panels to be supported without chains.


※.ugged single piece moulding for long service life
※.Strong bolting arrangement is easy and quick to install
※.Choice of Type A and Type B designs
※.Excellent shear resistance means shear chains rarely needed
※.Good weight support panels generally eliminates weight chains
※.Large range of sizes, lengths and Energy Indices
※.Non-standard lengths, Energy Index and end profile available

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