Unit Element fender

Unit Element Rubber Fenders are a high performance, modular system. Elements can be combined in unlimited permutations of length, orientation and Energy Index to suit a wide variety of applications. The simplest Unit Element system is the UE-V fender which employs pair(s) of elements and a structural UHMW-PE face shield in a choice of black or high visibility colors –all non-marking.

UE-V fenders combine high energy capacity with low friction face and high wear resistance. They make an economic alternative to cylindrical and Arch fenders for a variety of general purpose applications suitable for many ship types including Ferries, General Cargo, Barges etc. System fenders combine the same Unit Elements with steel frames (fender panels) and UHMW-PE face pads. These systems are widely used for where larger vessels berth – including Container Quays, Tanker Terminals, Bulk Cargo and RoRo berths.



Note: All data above are examples for reference only. Any other size, shape can be developed as per customized formats.


1.Modular design allows limitless setting out arrangements

2.Efficiency buckling column profile for high energy and low reaction

3.Choice of symmetrical and asymmetric bolting arrangements

4.Excellent shear resistance in lengthwise plane

5.Thicker section body means lower stresses

6.Small bolt pockets do not trap water and are easy to access

7.UE-V fender shields can be bolted from the front using asymmetric elements

8.Sizes to suit every application

9.Choice of standard and intermediate compounds

10.Standard and non-standard lengths available

11.Easy and quick to install

Unit Element designs can be used by most vessels on almost any berthing structure including:

Container Terminals

Tanker Berths

RoRo & Cruise Berths

Dolphins & Monopiles

Bulk Terminals

General Cargo Facilities

Parallel Motion Fenders

Fender Walls

Small Ship Berths

Many other applications

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